Low power home server without a RaspberryPi

Let’s face it; electricity is expensive; in the UK alone, the cost per kWh has doubled over the last year, and reflecting on what we’re running in our homes 24/7 like home servers feels like a problem worthy of attention. Where we begin As it stood in my home, Frigate (CCTV NVR), Home Assistant (Home Automation), Plex (Media Server) & NAS were all running from an HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8. When I acquired this server, it provided a rock-solid base to run everything from and be damned the power consumption; electricity was cheap.

Sorting colors

Previously i talked about finding similar colors, I’d now like to move onto sorting. given a sparse set of colors how do i arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing order. There is an inherent problem with this statement through. I have two axis in which I can work on screen x and y, but color is three dimensional. So we have to work out a way to minimise one of those axis or combine two to achieve something close to a pleasant lay down.

Finding similar colors

Every once in a while I find a subject I get obsessed with. At the moment it’s color, so for the next few posts I want to document some of the things I’ve been playing with. Starting at the beginning… given any x,y point in a picture find the closest color from a limited set Introducing plastic bird, our subject of study. I want to extract the color from image at position x:0 and y:0.